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    Changing attitudes towards illegal killing
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Reduce illegal killing of birds

in 3 countries where this activity is still fairly common: Italy, Greece and Spain.


Improve law enforcement

through increased awareness and better coordination among law enforcement authorities.


Raise awareness

of key stakeholder groups along the migratory flyways of the species affected by the illegal activities.


Three year campaign

aimed at decision makers, local authorities and local communities, particularly young people.


Change of socio-cultural attitudes

Towards illegal killing in the younger generation.


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What we have done

We are run a communication and education campaign about the illegal killing of migratory birds in Italy, Greece and Spain through actions at local, national and international level. The campaign was prepared by JWT and implemented by LIPU, HOS and SEO. These are some of the international actions we implemented:

International Workshop — In Greece an international workshop on Bird Crime in the Mediterranean was organized. The workshop raised the awareness of the Law enforcement agencies and the decision makers and facilitated the exchange of best practices in persecuting the illegal bird killers.

High level international conference on Illegal killing — As a closing event an international conference was held in Rome on 21st May 2015 for national decision makers of the countries involved in the project, regional authorities and the main stakeholders such as hunting associations, law enforcement agencies, journalists and the European Commission. Prizes were given to those law enforcement agenzie and agents who have been outstanding in promoting the campaign message.

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